What Are The Body's Main Muscles?

Expert Author Rachel Berret
The human body typically has around 640-850 muscles. Most of these are paired bilateral muscles which therefore decreases the muscle count into 320 pairs. 
However, it is tough to determine the exact muscle count because there are also muscle groups.
 Right, the human muscles are pigeonholed into groups relating to skull, neckline, chest, and the lower and upper limbs.
This categorization is identified based on the muscle's anatomical position in the body.
Muscle is an important component of the body. It is the asset of body builders. If you want to have a beautiful and enduring body similar to the cover models of men's magazine, you must workout with it. You must know the major muscles in your body and their location for you to structure a workout program to strengthen that particular muscle. To give you a heads up, listed below are the 10 major muscles of the body.
Muscles around the stomach-This is actually known as the abdominal muscles and occasionally referred as the body's core.
 This is composed of the lower and upper abs along side with the muscles around the waistline. These play an important role in your body posture while walking or stepping up and down the stairs.
Back Muscles-This consists of latissinus dorsi and rhomboids muscles which are clustered collectively. The muscles flanked amidst your shoulder area are called rhomboids while the triangular shape muscles in the midsection of your back are called latissimus dorsi.
There is another lower back muscle called erector spinae that is also part of the back muscle group. If you're doing a squat or lifting you can feel that these muscles are moving. 
Lastly, there are large trapezius muscles in this group which can be found in the upper and mid area of the back. This muscle helps you in turning you head backward because it is connected from back, to the neck down to your shoulders.
Muscles around the chest area-This group are called pectoralis which covers the front and upper section of the chest.
 This part of the body is commonly the focus of various strengthening exercise programs because most men wish to have a sexy and alluring chest area. However, you must know balance chest exercises to develop this group of muscles.
Muscles around the shoulders-These are called deltoids. It covers up the shoulder area consisting the following three sections: anterior, posterior and medial. If you wish to enhance your shoulder-blade you must find right exercise that targets these parts.
Upper Arm Muscles-As many knows it, this area is where the biceps and triceps are to be found. These are lying alongside or beneath of the upper limb. 
For you to enhance this muscle group, you must do exercise related to pushing and pulling because this movement involves moving the bicep and tricep muscles.
These are just five main muscle areas in the body that most individual wants to enhance. 
This list is maybe just few, but surely you will get a little knowledge about muscles from this article. To add more lists you can ask your trusted osteopath or doctor about in the human body and its part.
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